Fiddlesticks and Flambeau

Fiddlesticks came to me with a slight case of pink eye, and developed a mild upper respiratory infection.  Both ailments required medicine, and both have cleared up nicely.  This kitten absolutely loved my dog, and would likely do well in a home with dogs.  She was curious and not the least bit afraid of my old pooch.  And my sweet pup was nice to the kittens in return.  Fiddlesticks enjoyed chewing on my dog’s tail, lightly patting her on the face, and jumping all over her.  She is, in general, an outgoing kitten.

Flambeau was such a sweet girl!  She was very well-behaved when being weighed, and was sweet to the dog.  She didn’t interact much with her, but was not afraid.  Flambeau would also likely do well in a home with dogs.  Like her sisters, she liked to be picked up and cuddled.  She was not a bit shy, and would play with whatever came her way.  All four of these kittens were fairly mellow.

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