Dry sink stays dry

I was able to work on this dry sink today, but of course, it’s 90 degrees out and this isn’t easy work.  Isn’t that pink delightful?  Barf.  The orange is the paint stripper, bubbling up and destroying that pastel nightmare.  I imagine that this was in a baby’s room at some point.  Perhaps it was used as a changing table?  I’m sure it was delightful for that purpose, but it’s high time it got a new life.  I’m hoping to have all the stripping done tomorrow so I can start on sanding.  I’d love to start staining on Friday, but we will see how it goes.

We narrowly avoided disaster with the dry sink this evening.  It was just so hot and clear today that I didn’t think we were due for rain.  I wrapped the main unit in the tarp but left the drawers sitting out, meaning to cover them later (just in case).  Ben came home and we went out to dinner.  Can you see where this is going?  As we’re ordering dessert, I happen to look outside: torrential downpour.  I was devastated!  All the money, time, and energy put into this thing only to have it ruined by the rain.  
The rain only lasted a little while longer, and had completely stopped by the time we left.  On the way home, the radio beeped with storm warnings: apparently this is a bad one.  Thunder and lightning for sure, but really nothing we didn’t see last week.  I get home expecting the worst, but it hadn’t even rained here!  We were at dinner only two or three miles up the road, but home was bone dry.  We scurried to cover everything, let the dogs out, take out the trash, and generally hunker down.  Only after we were completely finished did it start to rain.  I’m pretty sure that counts as a miracle.

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