Ben and I went out for dinner after getting the poor guy a new phone.  Of course, he spent much of the time learning how to work its each and every feature.  The camera, apparently, has a lot going on.  We had some fun with it over dinner at Friday’s.

Last week it stormed every single day, which kept me away from my latest art project.  When the weather allows it to be so, I’m attempting to restore a Victorian dry sink.  This is my first swing at fixing up crappy furniture (and boy was this thing a mess).  I don’t think I got any before photos, but it was covered in Mamie-pink paint.  The girls at the shop thought it was oh-so-cute and I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I thought it was crap, and would thus be stripping it ASAP.

This decorative backsplash bit was particularly hard to strip.  I must have sanded it half-dozen times, and probably used 20 coats of Jasco paint stripper.  I had been using the spray can, but Lowe’s ran out, so I was forced to buy the goop in the can.  This made the job even more difficult: it’s rather hard to be precise with a Jello-like substance.  There are so many nooks and crannies in this thing.  I’ve spent more time on this small part that I have/will spend on the rest of the thing.

Today I did all I’m going to do on it.  It’s not quite perfect, but I think it’s good enough.  Tomorrow I will continue with the rest of the unit.