Oh lovely books!

I’m so excited for these books!  I have them on order from amazon, and I patiently await the mailman’s arrival each day (nothing today though).  The Secret Rooms is the only one to have shown up.  I’m a few chapters into it, and I love it!  Its written like a documentary, which is weird, but still totally enjoyable.  I turn each page in anticipation of what happens next.

A dear friend read The Vanishing and reported it to be super creepy, not to be read before bed.  That’s exactly what I like to hear!

The Violets of March was suggested by amazon based on my interests, so it’s a gamble.  Ditto with The Dark Lantern.  I’ve just finished another Susan Hill novel, and The Mist in the Mirror looks like it will be equally, if not more, wonderful.

50 days until graduation.  Then you can find me lost in books.  Until then, I’m plugging away in front of the laptop.

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