We have a guest for New Year’s.  This is Sarah, and we are fostering her for the holiday. She is recovering from having a large part of her leg replaced, hence the inflatable Elizabethan collar of shame.  We do have the option of keeping her for another two weeks, but Bucky isn’t feeling well, and I have to tend to that mess.  He will be OK, but it’s just a little awkward right now.  I feel so horrible for all these poor kids!  But everyone is being cared for.  Sarah has a lot of good people watching out for her, that much was obvious when we picked her up today.  I’ll miss her because she is super sweet and calm (a calm lab!) but Bucky needs my full attention.   Plus he gets so jealous.  I bought him a new toy today, a Christmas Wookie from Petco, to try to make it up to him.

I love New Year’s!  Everything calms down, and it gives me the chance to think about what I want to do and start fresh.  I’m hoping that tomorrow Ben and I can go to a yoga class.  That would be a great way to start 2015.  Or I could sleep through the day, then read Yoga Journal.  That counts too, right?

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