So much winter

It seems to snow every few days lately.  Last weekend we toughed out a pretty nasty blizzard in order to rescue a dog from a shelter, and to pick up our new kid.  And it hasn’t stopped snowing/sleeting/generally being awful since.


This is the view I have today.  We had snow for a few hours early this morning, which threw a wrench in rehearsal plans (I’m performing next weekend).  I wasn’t too disappointed, because it meant I could stay home with Ben and my sweet new pup, Sully.

Sully on the porch

Sully on the porch 2 Sully watches Ben

He just HAS to watch us at whatever we’re doing.  If we go out of his sight, he cries.  Typical rescue dog, typical Springer.

I’m looking forward to warming temps this week so I can take the dogs for a walk together.  I feel badly for them, being cooped up in the house with just me for company.  It’s abuse, I tell ya.

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