Three sweet reasons for my lack of blogging


This is Laceigh with Crimson and Clover, two little kittens that I’m fostering for the SPCA.  Laceigh had a return of her nasal tumor, and it caused her face to swell.  Our vet told us that the tumor had disintegrated her nasal bone and caused either air or an infection in her brain.  There’s nothing to do for that, so we sent her to her peace.  It absolutely broke our hearts, but it’s better than letting her suffer.  God, what a great dog she was.  Look at her letting those kittens (there’s two, though one is hard to see) crawl all over her.  They snuggled into her ears, tried to nurse from her, played with her tail, and she was more than happy to let it happen.  She was so sweet with them, and with everyone she ever met.  I’m so sad that she is no longer sleeping at the foot of my bed, trying to push me out of the way.  We miss her terribly.

Just about when I was able to ween the kittens from their bottle, my neighbor found another 3-week old kitten.  The SPCA accepted it into their program, and I’m now fostering her as well.  She looks exactly like the two I already have.  Her name is Annie, and she eats like a pig!  Crimson and Clover have gotten very picky, but sweet little Annie eats everything I put down for her.  She is a little sick right now, but when she gets better they will all be together.  I can’t wait.


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