Wings of love


Last week we rescued another one-eyed cat from a high-kill shelter in Baltimore.  I figured she wouldn’t last long there, so we sprang her and brought her to a new home with a friend of mine in Tennessee.  Sweet little Caroline remained sweet through the drama of bringing her into our home for fostering, of seeing the ophthalmologist, and of spending the day in a noisy airplane.  She did not say a peep the entire ride, which was nothing short of a miracle.  She dealt with so many changes and scary situations, but still nuzzled me when I held her.  Such a good girl, Caroline!

She is now bonding with her new mom, and even puts up with the resident dogs.  We are all so happy she went to such a good home, and that she is flourishing with her new family.

I’d never been in a small plane like this before, so it was an adventure for me as well.  Once I stopped thinking I was going to die, it became a really neat experience.  We’re both so excited to do more rescue work in the air.

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