Winter survival

God, I just hate the winter.  It’s dark, it’s cold, and my body tries to shut down.  The only saving grace about winter is the pretty snow, but even that turns into an annoyance after awhile.  Each year I dread the coming winter.  This year, I’ve very deliberately gathered some things around me that help me cope, and I’ve made sure I don’t run out.

One of my biggest issues is my dry, uncomfortable skin.  I was especially out of my mind last year when we lived in a house with forced hot air heating.  This year isn’t as bad because we have comfy hot-water radiators (my favorite, and a must-have in any house we buy).  But I still need help.

This is a major favorite, courtesy of Sabon NYC. I recently ordered one, but can’t get it open! So for now I’m using something from Target. This is one of the best scrubs I’ve ever used. Not only does it exfoliate, but it also leaves behind a trace of it’s skin-loving oils.


After exfoliation comes more oil. This is the massage oil, as opposed to the shower oil I first used. The shower version is meant to be rinsed off; massage lotion can stay on and be absorbed. And my body just soaks it up.


My face is no exception to winter’s cruelty. Murad products were recommended to me at one of my facial sessions at Massage Envy. I figured it was just some garbage they get a kickback for marketing, but I tried it because the facial gal told me that if I need to put lotion on the second I get out of the shower because of how dry my face already was, I was using the wrong cleanser. And to its credit, this does not cause that to happen. My face still feels moist and supple when I leave the shower.


Then this happens. Toner.


Then this. Renewal complex.


Then this. Night moisture. There is also a day moisture that has 15spf.


Then, finally, the body lotion. This is from Firebird Bath&Body on Etsy. It’s the perfect body butter.


Can’t forget this for the places on my back I can’t reach.


For my hands. Sometimes, even the best lotion can’t stop my hands from hurting. That’s when I pull this out.

So that’s my routine.  Yes, it takes awhile.  Yes, I do it every day.  Sometimes I skip the exfoliation if I’m not feeling well or quite tired.  But without this regimen, my skin dries out so badly that it hurts.  The pain sometimes keeps me awake at night, believe it or not.  How ridiculous is that?  Hate it or loathe it, this is what I need to do to stay properly moisturized.

Notice that I didn’t include prices… dot dot dot



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