Currently 1.1.18

I’ve been hanging on to Louise Penny’s new book Glass Houses for a few months now.  She is my favorite author (up there with FG Cottam), and I wanted to save it for when I could enjoy it fully.  I didn’t want that voice to be nagging, reminding that I should be doing other things.  No, I wanted complete peace.

But when on earth do I ever feel completely peaceful?  I was worried I’d never actually read it, and then find myself back in school with no time and certainly no peace.  After  scary but short-lived depressive episode yesterday, I decided it was time.  I made Ben go out to get my candy, I made some popcorn, and settled in.  And I’m so glad I did.

When I decide to go back to academic pursuits, I’ll begin researching for my podcast.  I have some good sources lined up, but I need to dig in.  Perhaps when I get tired of eating and reading and reading and eating.

Speaking of peace, tomorrow I’m doing some work on my yoga room.  I considered making that room an office, but every time I step in there, I remember just how badly I need a peaceful place, separate from the world.  I can have my office here in the living room; yoga needs its own space.


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