Buddha friends


My beloved Buddha statue broke in our recent move, and I only just got around to buying a new one.  The old one is actually outside in the garden, because only the bottom section broke.  But I found I missed having one in the yoga room, so I searched amazon until I found the perfect new friend.  If nothing else, he is a comforting presence.

This coming weekend, I go back to yoga teacher training at Circle Yoga in DC. Due to that terrible sinus infection I had last year, I missed many training sessions. I’m so happy to finally be making them up. This weekend’s is especially exciting, because it’s the mindfulness class. I was sad to miss that last year, and to have to wait a whole year to have the opportunity again. After the class, the head teacher and I will be figuring out exactly what other dates I need to show up for – I really missed a lot. Even though I would have liked to be done with the 200 hour training and be ready to move on, I’m grateful I get a whole new set of friends to explore yoga with in 2018.


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