The yoga room

Yoga room

Our server fell apart, which means this blog has been down for just a few days short of a year.  I’ve missed it.

This holiday season, I used the yoga room to store, hide, and wrap gifts.  The result was a huge, wonderful mess.  I’ve finally got it cleaned out, organized, swept and mopped.  I’m ready for the year ahead.

In Septemer I began a mindfulness and focusing program at my yoga studio.  We’re learning to meditate, as well as refocus our mind on the present instead of worrying about the future or living in the past.  Classes resume this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited.  My yoga room is back to being an inviting space not just for yoga, but now for serious meditation and contemplation.

I had planned to start a trauma-sensitive yoga training, but we’re trying to buy our farm this year, so all funds need to go to that.  And that’s fine.  There will be time later for more yoga training.  I’m looking into the new mentorship program at my yoga studio; that will be local, and with teachers I already love.  I get so much out of my private sessions with them, and can imagine really enjoying a mentor/mentee relationship.

Right now I’m working through a book I started last year called Deep Listening.  The concept of deep listening is about quieting the mind and being present while listening to others, but in this book (so far) that mindful listening is directed to ourselves.  How often do we really stop and listen to what our bodies and minds need?  We usually wait til they are screaming at us before we get the hint.  It would be much less dramatic if we slowed down and heard what they had to say before they became desperate.  The chapters in this book are short, easy reads, and the yoga and breathing exercises at the end of the chapters are not complicated.  But they’re well-chosen and they create a sense of peace.  I’m enoying this book a lot.



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