My husband and I work with several local and national groups to save as many lives as possible.  Our rescue, Jewel’s House Animal Sanctuary, provides care and finds homes for abused and neglected pets, while also facilitating rescue and adoption in other ways.  We seek to educate the general public on animal-related issues so people are better prepared to face issues that arise in their homes or neighborhoods.


Making dog beds


Today the animals helped me cut foam to put in the new waterproof dog bed liners I got from SimDogBed on Etsy.  They’re really well-made liners, with a velcro instead of a zipper.  I bought them because I had this mass of foam just taking up space and thought it would make good dog beds for the eventual Jewel’s House dogs.  After cutting enough foam for the four covers I bought, I had enough foam left over for two smaller cat beds, so back to Etsy I went.  Now I just need to find some pretty outer covers for all these beds.  Maybe some embroidered with the Jewel’s House logo.

The new semester starts tomorrow, but I’m still exhausted from the last one.  I’m grateful for afternoon classes.


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Wings of love


Last week we rescued another one-eyed cat from a high-kill shelter in Baltimore.  I figured she wouldn’t last long there, so we sprang her and brought her to a new home with a friend of mine in Tennessee.  Sweet little Caroline remained sweet through the drama of bringing her into our home for fostering, of seeing the ophthalmologist, and of spending the day in a noisy airplane.  She did not say a peep the entire ride, which was nothing short of a miracle.  She dealt with so many changes and scary situations, but still nuzzled me when I held her.  Such a good girl, Caroline!

She is now bonding with her new mom, and even puts up with the resident dogs.  We are all so happy she went to such a good home, and that she is flourishing with her new family.

I’d never been in a small plane like this before, so it was an adventure for me as well.  Once I stopped thinking I was going to die, it became a really neat experience.  We’re both so excited to do more rescue work in the air.

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Hazel rides again


I had to lighten this picture a whole bunch, since Hazel is notoriously hard to photograph.  She chose to help me sort through some jewelry I inherited.  I appreciated her help because there was a lot of it.  Plenty of the jewelry made it into an auction to benefit the Springer rescue I work with.  Hazel was happy to lend a hand to a good cause.

She had one of her eyes removed in June, and there were complications.  Our friends at VCA in Gaithersburg MD helped her on the road to healing.  I couldn’t ask for a better vet/ER hospital.  She had another surgery today, and hopefully that will be the end of this issue.  Ten more days in a cone, and then she can get back to being a happy, healthy kitty.

Hazel has been through so much already in her life, from being a stray trying to fight off raccoons, to her body rejecting her teeth, to the eye problem and subsequent complication.  I feel absolutely awful for putting her through weeks of “wait and see” and another surgery, but this issue is one she can fully recover from, so I think I did the right thing.  It’s never easy.  Plus the wound has been pretty hard to look at, and I’m all out of Xanax.  So it hasn’t been a joyride for me either.

Tonight Hazel is in a great mood, playful, feisty, and exploring her living space more than she has in a very long time.  She’s doing really well for a kitty who just had surgery.  Maybe I can sleep peacefully tonight knowing she is feeling better.

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Our fall Yankee Candle fundraiser is a go!



Go to www.yankeecandlefundraising.com and enter our group number, 990103069.  Shop as usual, and items will be delivered to your door.  You don’t have to do anything special aside from entering our group number, and Jewel’s House Animal Sanctuary will get 40% of your total spent (minus shipping).  And free shipping for orders over $100.

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SPCA foster kittens

IMG_20150510_190050670Crimson, Clover, and Annie

The SPCA asked me to foster two 3-day-old bottle babies, and how could I say no?  After about four weeks of feeding them every four hours (exhausting), I was finally able to switch them to kitten food from a can.  That very day, my neighbor found a week-old kitten and needed help caring for it.  Since I was already fostering Crimson and Clover, I figured one more couldn’t hurt.  So I took her and named her Annie.  The SPCA accepted her into their program and gave her some much-needed medical attention.  She was so sick!  Once she got better, I introduced her to the other two.  And right now they’re sleeping all in a pile.

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Three sweet reasons for my lack of blogging


This is Laceigh with Crimson and Clover, two little kittens that I’m fostering for the SPCA.  Laceigh had a return of her nasal tumor, and it caused her face to swell.  Our vet told us that the tumor had disintegrated her nasal bone and caused either air or an infection in her brain.  There’s nothing to do for that, so we sent her to her peace.  It absolutely broke our hearts, but it’s better than letting her suffer.  God, what a great dog she was.  Look at her letting those kittens (there’s two, though one is hard to see) crawl all over her.  They snuggled into her ears, tried to nurse from her, played with her tail, and she was more than happy to let it happen.  She was so sweet with them, and with everyone she ever met.  I’m so sad that she is no longer sleeping at the foot of my bed, trying to push me out of the way.  We miss her terribly.

Just about when I was able to ween the kittens from their bottle, my neighbor found another 3-week old kitten.  The SPCA accepted it into their program, and I’m now fostering her as well.  She looks exactly like the two I already have.  Her name is Annie, and she eats like a pig!  Crimson and Clover have gotten very picky, but sweet little Annie eats everything I put down for her.  She is a little sick right now, but when she gets better they will all be together.  I can’t wait.


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So much winter

It seems to snow every few days lately.  Last weekend we toughed out a pretty nasty blizzard in order to rescue a dog from a shelter, and to pick up our new kid.  And it hasn’t stopped snowing/sleeting/generally being awful since.


This is the view I have today.  We had snow for a few hours early this morning, which threw a wrench in rehearsal plans (I’m performing next weekend).  I wasn’t too disappointed, because it meant I could stay home with Ben and my sweet new pup, Sully.

Sully on the porch

Sully on the porch 2 Sully watches Ben

He just HAS to watch us at whatever we’re doing.  If we go out of his sight, he cries.  Typical rescue dog, typical Springer.

I’m looking forward to warming temps this week so I can take the dogs for a walk together.  I feel badly for them, being cooped up in the house with just me for company.  It’s abuse, I tell ya.

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We have a guest for New Year’s.  This is Sarah, and we are fostering her for the holiday. She is recovering from having a large part of her leg replaced, hence the inflatable Elizabethan collar of shame.  We do have the option of keeping her for another two weeks, but Bucky isn’t feeling well, and I have to tend to that mess.  He will be OK, but it’s just a little awkward right now.  I feel so horrible for all these poor kids!  But everyone is being cared for.  Sarah has a lot of good people watching out for her, that much was obvious when we picked her up today.  I’ll miss her because she is super sweet and calm (a calm lab!) but Bucky needs my full attention.   Plus he gets so jealous.  I bought him a new toy today, a Christmas Wookie from Petco, to try to make it up to him.

I love New Year’s!  Everything calms down, and it gives me the chance to think about what I want to do and start fresh.  I’m hoping that tomorrow Ben and I can go to a yoga class.  That would be a great way to start 2015.  Or I could sleep through the day, then read Yoga Journal.  That counts too, right?

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My sweet Jersey

Jersey’s people sent me a picture of him this week.  He is, apparently, now buddies with the cat.  I love this!  I love how happy he is making those folks.  And look how much better he looks.  The poor thing has gained some weight, thank god.  I hope they make it to the picnics this summer, because I would just love to see him again.  By then he should be big and healthy!

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Adoption day

This was the last picture I took with Georgie.  We took him to his new home on Sunday.  His adoptive parents were awesome, and I’m glad I had a chance to meet them.  They renamed him Jersey, which I love.  I know he has a great home, but I miss him terribly.  All he wanted was love.  And he was hilarious.  I hope they come to the yearly picnics, because I’d love to see him again.  They promised pictures so we can see him all filled out and healthy.  I can’t wait.

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Just a few of the animals we’ve saved at JHAS!