In January of 2017, sick as I was with a pneumonia infection that would last eight long months, I began my yoga journey anew by starting a 200-hour teacher training course.  Over the year I not only learned how to gently guide students through asana, I also connected with so many wonderful people who believed in yoga’s power to transform and heal.  Since I started yoga 2001, my personal practice had been singular and isolated.  I had never taken a class, preferring to teach myself from books.  It was only when I decided to begin a training course that I stepped out of my comfort zone to engage with an actual yoga class.  I found that, because I had started as a solitary practitioner, I avoided so many of the pitfalls new (and seasoned) students encounter.  My foundation was solid enough to support me through various difficulties, and I loved myself that much more for having developed such a strong footing.  The time I spent exploring yoga alone helped me become a confident student, and a competent teacher.

As a 200RYT, I offer private sessions with instruction in asana, meditation, and pranayama.  I specialize in yoga for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patients, as well as TSY (trauma-sensitive yoga).  I focus on stability and strength, as opposed to stretching, which is key in dealing with hypermobility conditions.  It is my goal to help students find peace in their minds and in their bodies, despite complicated medical issues or past trauma.

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